MIPLIB 2024 Submission

We are now accepting submissions for the MIPLIB 2024 benchmark library! For more information on the 7th version of the mixed integer problem library, on the people involved, and the goals of MIPLIB, read our call for contribution at miplib.zib.de.

Basics: Please complete all fields to the best of your knowledge. If you wish to submit a batch of instances, ensure that the completed fields are applicable to all of the uploaded instances. For instances with different origin and application background, please use the submission form multiple times. If your submission is not possible via our form, please contact us directly!

Additional Files: Following the previous MIPLIB iteration we have decided to collect additional data files. This is optional, and should be submitted together with the instance files they reference. They will not be specially curated, but provided as is to the research community. Consider including a README in the additional files. Examples of additional files include solution files, raw data used to construct the instances, instance creation scripts, PDFs detailing the exact formulation, and block structure of the constraint matrix specified in file formats such as the dec format.

External Links: In the case that additional information on the instances exceeding that of the brief description is hosted elsewhere, please provide links to those resources.

Application Areas: For MIPLIB 2024 we have decided to tag instances by application area. When submitting instances, please indicate which application areas (potentially multiple) the submitted instances relate to.

Questions? Comments? Feedback? Contact us at miplib@zib.de!

Owner of submitted intellectual property. In most cases, this will be the same as Company / Academic Affiliation.

Machine Learning
Production & Manufacturing
Sustainability & Climate
Network Design
Network Flow
Chemical Engineering
Natural Resources
Statistics & Forecasting
Chip Design & Verification

Instances must be .mps or .lp format (mps preferred). Please compress instances when possible using .gz or .bz2, e.g. instance1.mps.gz. 2 GB max upload size.

Any additional files, e.g. solutions, models, model formulations, raw data, etc. 2 GB max upload size.