MIPLIB 2017 Submission

The general submission for MIPLIB 2017 has been closed. We want to thank all submitters for taking the time to contribute their instances. We are currently in the process of cleaning up and analyzing the submissions. Before performing the final selection, we will still be able to incorporate some late submissions. So if you would still like to contribute, this is possible. Contact us at miplib@zib.de! Until then this form will remain functional.

More information on the 6th version of the mixed-integer programming library, on the people involved, and the goals of MIPLIB, can be found in the call for contribution at miplib.zib.de. You can browse the submission repository at our GitLab server.

Basics. Please complete all fields to the best of your knowledge. If you wish to submit a batch of instances, ensure that the completed fields are applicable to all of the uploaded instances. For instances with different origin and application background, please use the submission form multiple times.

Models and high-level structure. For MIPLIB 2017, we have decided for the first time to also collect model and data files that were used to create the instances. This is optional, but they should be submitted together with the instance files. The model and data files will not be specially curated, but provided as is to the research community. Please try to use informative and meaningful file names that indicate the connection between models, data, and instances. Consider submitting a README file via the Additional Files button that explains how to build the instances from the model. Another interesting form of meta information could be block structure of the constraint matrix specified in file formats such as the dec format.

Licence. By default, we recommend submitting the instances under the Creative Commons CC BY-SA 4.0 license. If you select a different license, you can upload a license text under Additional Files.

Questions? Comments? Feedback? Contact us at miplib@zib.de!

Owner of submitted intellectual property. In most cases, this will be the same as Company / Academic Affiliation.

Compressed submissions are preferred. 4 GB max upload size.

Any additional files, e.g. solutions, licenses, etc.

These instances and models can be released under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license. (recommended)
These instances and models already have another license: